Wendy G

I’m not just a photographer. Do you want to know more? Take the quiz!

  1. My favorite snack: (a) cheez-its (b) pickles (c) chocolate (d) trail mix
  2. My favorite person is: (a) Frederick Douglass (b) Jimmy Carter (c) my Mom (d) Ronald Reagan
  3. I have a graduate degree in: (a) Business (b) English Literature (c) Medicine (d) Fine Art
  4. My 1st International trip was to: (a) Mumbai (b) Medellín (c) Kinshasa (d) Paris
  5. Most beloved hobby: (a) baking (b) knitting (c) painting (d) roller skating
  6. All time favorite ice cream flavor: (a) strawberry (b) pistachio (c) chocolate (d) butter pecan
  7. My favorite dog breed: (a) Poodle (b) Boston Terrier (c) Pomeranian (d) Golden Retriever
  8. I don’t trust people who say they don’t like: (a) traveling (b) fried chicken (c) children (d) all of the above
  9. In high school I was a cheerleader. (a) True or (b) False?
  10. In college a ran for Senior Class President. (a) True or (b) False?

Go HERE and scroll down for answers.