Or welcome to Lighting 101

As a photographer, I draw with light. That’s literally what the word photography means — to draw with light. What I need you to know is that I’m always looking for the best light. And the best doesn’t necessarily mean the most. Light can have a variety of attributes: it’s color, direction, size, hardness, etc all can give a photo a distinctive look or feeling. My goal is to make whatever I’m photographing look both beautiful and natural. Sometimes I’ll reposition myself to change the angle from which the light is coming. Or I’ll add a pop of flash to give richer colors and contrast. I could go on and on about light. But the key elements of any great photo are the quality of light and your natural expression. Not what’s in the background.

Now let’s talk about supplemental lighting. If part of your wedding day takes place at night, consider special lighting. Using lanterns, string lights, gobos, or up-lighting are all wonderful ways to add warmth and dimension to your photographs. And sometimes the best possible option will be me using 1 or 2 of my flashes. It all depends on the quality of the light that’s already there.

Now tell me, what do you see when you look carefully at these next few photographs? Challenge yourself and see if you can tell from which direction the light is coming. If it’s hard or soft light. If the light is warm or cool. You’ll be surprised at what you find!